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Get Ready For the Holidays

IMG_5807 IMG_5812 IMG_5814 IMG_5815If you are anything like us, you are holiday party hoping until you ring in the New Year.   From Work Parties, Christmas Concerts, Holiday Parties, Opening Presents on Christmas Eve, Church services, you are fully booked.  Instead of scrambling last minute putting yourself together when you have a last minute soiree, simplify your beauty routine so that you are always ready.   Lets get real, you have enough on your plate already!

Simplify your beauty routine with eyelash extensions. We recently stopped in to the BlinkBar which just opened their second location in West Hollywood off Melrose Ave earlier this year.  Tirzah Shirai, the Found of Blinker says “I put so much thought and effort into creating this space with he help of the Consort Design team, in order to offer clients the most luxurious eyelash experience. We have built up an amazing team, selection of services, product extensions inlacing Lash Shampoo, and a membership program all which allow our customers the opportunity to consistently and affordably look gorgeous.”

Blinkbar is one of the only US Salons offering 100% Siberian mink lashes and the only brand with a satisfaction guarantee. Shirai’s specialized European/ Hollywood hybrid approach has made Blinker the go-to brand for A-Listers, fashionistas, and beauty junkies seeking to obtain the pinnacle of lush, yet natural-looking lashes.

I had an incredible experience with Blinkbar.  I usually go for a natural look, and the specialist was intuitive enough to achieve my look.  Its been 5 days and I have not had to use mascara or eyeliner at all.  Eyelash extensions have simplified my look for the holidays.  Whether I am running out to the store for last minute shopping or getting primped for another Christmas gathering, I know that I will look amazing.  The best part is that the lashes will last for up to 3 weeks, so no worries until after you are done celebrating into the New Year.


Thanksgiving in LA

If your staying in LA for Thanksgiving and scrambling to put together a last minute dinner for family, or friends think about saving yourself the hassle. Who wants to me running through the aisles of Trader Joes at 8pm on Wednesday night? What about inviting your friends to a nice dinner out, where someone else can take care of the cooking and cleaning. Tart Restaurant nestled inside the iconic Farmer’s Daughter Hotel right across the street from The Farmers Market is hosting the ultimate care-free “Friendsgiving” feast.

PastedGraphic-1copy.143626 Tart’s executve chef Keith Shutta has put together 6 different items that you can choose from on Thanksgiving. One of our favorites was the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, including a Turkey Roulade with Gravy, Cornbread Stuffing, Candied yams, black-eyed peas, cranberry sauce and Tart’s Famous Biscuit.

Coming from a non-American background, my family has their own twist on all of the traditional holidays. It was my first time trying things like stuffing, candied yams,  and cranberry sauce. Tart executed an appropriate setting for the occasion, comparable to being invited to someone’s family dinner.  It allowed me to experience some exceptional American staples that I would probably never make on my own.
StirStyle.105226On the other hand, going out for Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you are obligated to have Turkey. The rest of the country will be filling the quota for you.  The second highlight was a non traditional T-day meal. The Tart Burger comes with Blue Cheese, Bacon, Carmelized onions, mustard aioli, and fries.  The patty was perfectly charred from the outside and balanced with the tartiness of the blue cheese and sweetness carmelized onions.  Not only do you get great company, awesome ambiance but you can never go wrong with a good burger.  Why step out of your comfort zone if you don’t have to?

The best part of the whole dinner is that you won’t be heading you home empty handed. Whats Thanksgiving without the leftovers! On your way out, don’t forget to order the “Moist- Maker” Turkey Sandwich.  This Gourmet Turkey Sandwich features cranberry sauce and stuffing on a baguette with a side of gravy inspired by Ross Gellers favorite sandwich.  Theres no way that you would have been able to make it better yourself.

If you are stuck with no plans, can’t find the proper ingredients, or just can’t be bothered whipping something up, head over to Tart and they will fix you up.