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Diy Face Painting Recipe

With different Harvest celebrations approaching, we know how popular face painting is for all of the kiddos.  Unfortunately, there are many dangerous toxicants found in conventional paints, including lead, nickel, cobalt, and chromium. If your a mama like me, you’d rather avoid the risk while still having the fun. Sophia Ruan Gushee, author of A-to-Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide To Reducing Our Toxic Exposures, has created the ultimate recipe for nontoxic DIY face paint that the whole family can have fun making together!

 This recipe is quick, easy, and a great alternative to the common varieties out there:


· 1 ½ tbsp cornstarch

· ¼ tbsp all purpose flour

· 2 tbsp honey

· ½ tbsp water

· Natural food color (seek nontoxic products on Amazon, or use household food items that can act as natural dyes)



1. Mix the cornstarch and flour in a bowl. Add the honey and water to your mixture. It should create a thick, gluey substance that resembles a paste. If the paint is too thin, add more cornstarch and flour. If too thick, add extra water.

2. Divide the mixture into separate bowls, and add your coloring. For example, you can use turmeric for yellow, and paprika for red.

3. The paint comes out a bit more thick and gooey than conventional face paints, but the colors come out beautifully and stay on for hours.
4. While the paint dries well, the honey component makes the paint slightly sticky to the touch. Avoid touching the paint after it is applied.

Gift Guide For The Hostess with the Most

What do you get the Hostess with the Most? You can’t go to that Holiday Dinner empty handed! A great way to show your appreciation to the Hostess for all of her effort is to bring her a special gift.

bonne o sept 2015-260
Bonne O, the first carbonating system without a CO2 tank that sparkles literally everything from fruit to spirits to soda. This is perfect for gal who likes to add some flare to anyone of her affairs.  Just stop by Bloomingdales or Bed Bath and Beyond to pick one up.
floral-assorted-coaster-set-01Floral Coaster Set from Riflepaperco.com
Every hostess needs a nice set of Coasters. At under $20, this is the perfect gift to wow the Lady of The House without breaking the bank.
This candle is a perfect gift to complete a home.  It  is also a neutral gift if you don’t know the hostess too well. This candle or any of the Diptyque products can be purchased from Barneys.
After the Festivities are all said and done, the lady will want to kick up her feet and have some R&R. She can scrub away her night with the Etta + Billie Citrus Poppy Seed Body artisan soap  Hand made with Organic ingredients.
Let her close out the night with Slipsilk Pure Silk Sleep Mask, like a queen.