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Intercontinental Presidente Cancun

While most people are done with their summer traveling, we thought it would be a perfect time to travel down south to the Caribbean.  The advantage of going to the Caribbean during the off season is just that.  There aren’t many people on the beaches and the top attractions. We hate crowds, so this was ideal time to travel. While we were there, we hotel hopped a few times and traveled up the coast from Riviera Maya to Cancun, stopping in Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Although I was not very excited to visit Cancun initially it ended up being our favorite part of the whole trip.  The whole point of this trip was to relax and just get away from the real world for a minute and thats what we got.  We stayed at the Intercontinental Presidente Cancun, located on a quite stretch of Cancun with the perfect beach.  The waters are calm, crystal clear, and the hotel is segregated from the infamous noise of Cancun. The hotel’s ambiance is chic, modern, and current.  The Intercontinental Presidente is for the sophisticated traveler that wants that quite oasis, so this is not your place if you are looking to party.

There is about 100 yards of beach offering dozens of those Straw Huts to use.  So theres no stress finding a place to lay out. After laying down the first time, I was shocked to find an outlet at the base of the hut, so that you can charge your phone while your relaxing.  The service at the beach, pools, and throughout the hotel is great. You don’t feel bothered by the staff, but you always know that theres someone there ready to serve you.

The biggest surprise about the hotel was the selection of food. Aside from being very well priced, everything we ordered was delicious!  I strongly suggest going to the The Beach Club which is their Mediteranean restaurant. My mouth still waters thinking about their Salmon and Risotto dish.

All in all the whole trip was perfect (Thanks Intercontinental Presidente Cancun!), but 10 days is just not enough! Until our next getaway!

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