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o-5 o-4 o-3 o-2IMG_3377 IMG_3374 IMG_3383IMG_3382IMG_3383Hip Restaurant and Coffee shops are a dime a dozen in LA.  The one thing that is lacking is a creative offering of organic, gluten free and dairy free options. Sqirl LA is everything that you hoped for from your neighborhood coffee place.  Sqirl is located off an eclectic and up and coming stretch of Virgil Ave among a plethora of Mom and Pop Shops and Mexican Churchs.  You may look around wondering if you are in the right place, but you won’t be able to miss it with the line wrapping around the block at peak hours, even on Sunday Morning before they open.  Don’t be turned off by the line, since it goes quickly.  The real pain is finding seating.

The Green Goddess Salad was decadent, I would just request the dressing on the side since it was a bit too heavy for me. The avocado toast was made to perfection with their amazing Crème fraîche and Zaatar sprinkled on top.  We also had the Horchata Latte which is almost as good as a Dirty Chai.  The Cinnamon flavor was perfect and was not sweet at all.

Other Items that have been suggested include: Sorrel Pesto Brown Rice Bowl, Ricotta Toast with Seasonal Jam, and the French Toast with Jam.

Sqirl LA 720 Virgil Ave #4 Los Angeles, CA 90029 (323) 284-8147



If your craving a flat white, a Tim Tam, or some Lemmingtons, you’ve come to the right place. This Australian owned gem is situated in the perfect location, right off Larchmont Village at the intersection of Melrose Ave and Larchmont.  While the coffee shops in LA are abundant, it is hard to be set apart from the rest.  They really strive to deliver the ultimate experience from their intense coffee to the endless deli containing wholesome options available for breakfast and lunch.

The only tip I will offer is to please try their Sticky Bun! It is the most divine treat you will ever have.  The sticky bun is covered in brown sugar with a caramel center that is oh, so gooey.

Coffee+Food Menu

Coffee+Food– 5630 Melrose Ave. LA, Ca 90038