Christmas Family Photos

The Christmas season is Not only my most favorite time of year, but it is the busiest. Between closing up the books for my husbands business to deocrating the house and buying Christmas presents, there are not many moments to spare. Most days I am running a marathon.

This year, I met a fabulous  photographer, Brittany Ting, by chance and was able to get our Christmas card photos done before December even started. The actual cards I ordered on Cyber Monday from Shutterfly!

Although children are so adorable, snapping photos of them is no easy task. Brittany did a fabulous job. Each photo was better then the next.  I wanted to share this shoot with all of you!

Christmas Card Photo Session

Tis the season.. to be sending out your Christmas Cards. While there are a plethora of Pintrest Ideas and other Instagram inspirations, you may be left wondering what is the direction you want, the color scheme, location. There are so many details to go over with only days left to send them out in time for your family and friends intercontinentally. This was our first year doing Christmas cards.  It was a little bit stressful looking for the right layout and making sure that these photos were going to be a good representation of our family.  Here are a few tips that we found helpful to avoid the last minute rush:

  1. Location- We picked our home to be the backdrop of our photos.  It was most important for our friends and family to see us in our natural environment. Your decor will also assist in setting a personal theme.  It is also much easier to control a toddler in a familiar environment.
  2. Theme- We wanted to be caught in action doing the things that we love to do best. Whether you love Playing, baking, building, show the people you care about what matters most to you.  For us, we love being together and creating things as a family. This last year has been a year of building and rebuilding for us.  We were happy that the photos captured our love.
  3. Color Scheme-You don’t have to make this into a Vogue shoot and fork out tons of cash to make this look good. I am confident that everyone has something in their closet that is flattering both on them and together with the rest of your family.  We went with something easy, Red with Jonah being our main contrast.

We were so happy to get these cards done and out.  We hope that everyone finds this little project as fun as we did.  Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get creative!

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