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The Cool Moms’ ToteSavvy

Once you get pregnant the search is on for all of the cool baby accessories that will not only make your life more comfortable but retain a bit of your own style. Nowadays, baby swag is unlimited and each thing is cooler then the next!  Unfortunately, when it comes to diaper bags, the options are limited if you are looking to stay within a reasonable budget. Even within the known designer names, the options are skim, with cheap finishes like vinyl replacing leather and the actual design of the bag being subpar. No thank you, at a price tag of over $400!

Why are you going to carry around a bag that just doesn’t feel like you? In the same instance, your old totes are just not going to cut it. You need to be fully armed while doing adventure diaper changes and dealing with public outburst. 

I recently ran into a concept that I LOVED! ToteSavvy will save you from settling with a diaper bag you feel partial to, at best! Why not just turn your favorite tote into your ideal diaper bag? ToteSavvy sells an insert in a variety of colors and sizes you can put into any one of your bags. The insert features tons of pockets that can be used to store all of your baby essentials. The concept is genius, and I think we will be getting a few for the next baby!

Must Haves for Babymoon

There are many pregnant ladies out there, and I know this is when you start thinking about your last mini getaway or vacation before your huge bundle of joy arrives. Unfortunately, with the risk of Zika Virus in majority of the Carribean, South and Central America, and even some parts of the US, our options for our babymoon were limited. Even if the risk seemed to be so low, we weren’t willing to take any chances.  We decided on Palm Springs since its relatively close to home and we wanted to maximize our time together to reconnect as a couple while having fun with Jonah, who was lucky enough to join us for the trip.

Many people were really surprised to see us in the pool with a toddler and a pregnant belly, enjoying time together, while seemingly having very little stress. A few people mentioned that they really admired our efforts to still do the things we wanted to do regardless of the potential hurdles that children may bring.  There’s nothing more fulfilling then to watch your kids absorbing a world outside of their world, to see new places and people. 

After having Jonah, the spontaneity of our vacationing life has dwindled, but with good planning we have still been able to see a few cool places even with a baby in tow. If your a mama like me, you can pack everyone’s bags blindfolded and your hands tied behind your back. Unfortunately, This baby growing inside of my belly is making things increasingly more difficult. Here are a few essentials I think will be helpful for every mama to throw in her bag or prepare before taking off: 
1. The Panama hat is great for a mama on the go. If your taking a few days off, you don’t want to be stressing about doing hair and makeup. The wide brim gives great sun coverage and helps solidify a look without taking hours of getting ready.

2. Chances are, with all the blood, water and hormones flowing through your body, your Bikini tops will no longer fit you. Avoid the discomfort by heading to the store for something new. When pregnant, I stay away from anything Victoria Secret, which I feel doesn’t give me appropriate coverage with the excessive push-up in all their swim tops. I really liked anything that was triangle and had great support, like the Kupala top from Pantagonia.

3. If you are going to be in the sun for any amount of time Rosehip Oil is essential! Rosehip Oil helps to repair the skin cells that have been damaged by sun exposure. Also, it has naturally occurring Vitamin A! Trilogy has an amazing Rosehip Oil that is organic.

4. Get a fabulous Salon look while your on your getaway with The Luster Lock treatment from Joico. After a few days in chlorine and sun your hair may resemble a frizzy lioness. Tame the beast with this easy 5 minute treatment you can do anywhere you go.

5. The Travalo is one of those things you never knew your life was missing, but after discovering it’s the perfect use, you don’t only throw it in your travel bag but have one for every day use. I always forget to spritz a little scent on myself before running out of the house. I used to have a bottle of perfume in my car for this reason but felt like the constant LA heat was ruining my best scents. Travalo allows you to fill up your favorite scents in a fun handheld case that is TSA approved so you can also take it on the plane with you. Let’s get real here, we have enough things in our bag!

Gift Guide For The Hostess with the Most

What do you get the Hostess with the Most? You can’t go to that Holiday Dinner empty handed! A great way to show your appreciation to the Hostess for all of her effort is to bring her a special gift.

bonne o sept 2015-260
Bonne O, the first carbonating system without a CO2 tank that sparkles literally everything from fruit to spirits to soda. This is perfect for gal who likes to add some flare to anyone of her affairs.  Just stop by Bloomingdales or Bed Bath and Beyond to pick one up.
floral-assorted-coaster-set-01Floral Coaster Set from
Every hostess needs a nice set of Coasters. At under $20, this is the perfect gift to wow the Lady of The House without breaking the bank.
This candle is a perfect gift to complete a home.  It  is also a neutral gift if you don’t know the hostess too well. This candle or any of the Diptyque products can be purchased from Barneys.
After the Festivities are all said and done, the lady will want to kick up her feet and have some R&R. She can scrub away her night with the Etta + Billie Citrus Poppy Seed Body artisan soap  Hand made with Organic ingredients.
Let her close out the night with Slipsilk Pure Silk Sleep Mask, like a queen.

Last minute Holiday Shopping?

Still looking for a few more gifts? VIE Active will be hosting a holiday Sample Sale just in time for that last minute Holiday shopping you know you have been putting off.  VIE is a luxe activewear brand born in the famous Bondi Beach in Australia.  They recently planted a headquarters here in Venice, where they will be hosting their first sample sale.

VIE Active Holiday Sample Sale

Friday, December 18th 10am-5pm

Saturday, December 19th 10am-3pm

Address: 310 Venice Way   Venice, CA 90291

Cash+Credit Accepted

Check their social out: @VieActivewear