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When we are talking beauty, we need to make sure we are putting our face in the right hands. Just another sales person at your local beauty depot is not going to cut it. Thats why we went to Emmy Award Winning Make Up Artist and founder of Z Palette, Zena Shteysel for the seasons must-know tips.  Here what she told us:

1.  I love to use my eye shadows wet, to create a more dramatic look with intense color pay-off, or to transform any eye shadow into an eye liner.  I just spritz the eye shadow pan directly with water, I use Evian Facial Water Spray, it lets out just the right amount of moisture without drowning the shadow. The result is a vivid, more pigmented look.  Right now, I’m loving the Unum Makeup eye shadow range, they’re deeply saturated with color and blend like a dream. unumEyes by Unum Makeup www.unummakeup.com8007_bigger57e2fb80276d5f13c4de715a90e50677
2.  Full brows aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.  To fake a fuller brow, I like to use a tinted brow pomade, like Anastasia dipbrow, and an angled brush, in short light strokes.  A great trick to repurpose a product you may already have: brown gel eyeliner can actually double as a great brow pomade, the finish is almost identical.  Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in ‘Brown’.
3.  Ombre lips are dramatic, but totally wearable and give the appearance of a sexy, fuller lip.  To get the look, I like to use two distinct shades – one for the liner and one for the lips.  Start with the liner and fill in most of the lip, then blend the lipstick color starting in the center then feathering out. My favorite combo is lining the lips with Loreal’s Lip Le Matte #108 and filling in with Tarte’s LipSurgence Lucky in the middle.
Cos7s_3_pack Tarte_lipsurgence
4.  The “Baking” method for setting makeup has recently become a craze, but we’ve been baking on set for ages.  The trick to a good bake is to pick up a generous amount of your setting powder (Currently loving IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD micro-powder in ‘Translucent’)  with one of those inexpensive, disposable wedge sponges (it creates those perfect sharp lines!)and lightly “drag” the powder onto the face, wherever you laid down your highlight (under the eyes, below the cheek bones, center of forehead, chin, bridge of nose, etc.)  You don’t want to leave the powder on too long – basically by the time you’ve applied the powder everywhere you need to, it’s time to go back and lightly dust it off.  The result is a crease-less and flaw-less face.

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